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2016 Camaro SS Procharged

2016 Camaro SS Procharged

Vehicle has Branded and Debranded Files

Model: 2016 Camaro SS


Spawn code: ugccampro


RGB Headlights
Color Changeable Interior
5 Seater
Window Seat
Working Belt
Custom Spoilers
Custom Bodykit
Window Stickers
Color Changeable Bumpers
RPM Steering Wheel
Window Animation
Rear Bumper Support


Extra 1: Plate
Extra 2: Hood
Extra 3: Black Painted Hood
Extra 4: Lip Spoiler
Extra 5: Wicker Bill Spoiler
Extra 6: Rear Bumper
Extra 7: Window Stickers


Disclaimer: This is NOT a real vehicle. This GTA V addon car for fivem.

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